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Media Buying

For over 14 years Chesley worked in Television. He worked as a Research Director, an Account Executive, a National Sales Manager, a New Media Manager as well as a Local Sales Manager. He has a very clear understanding of what is possible with your television buy and understands this intrisically from both the analytical perspective as well as the economics of media. This understanding applies to not only TV but other mediums as well. You may have heard that Agencies can buy your airtime cheaper. This is often true. However, we pride ourselves on buying your media "smarter". That wherein lies the true difference.

Market Research

Chesley began his career in Tyler, Texas at KLTV as the Director of Marketing Research. This provided him with a clear vision as to how varying metrics affect your marketing. You may have heard from your Radio reps about their station's "share" or the TV guys talk about Ratings, but what does it mean for you? Here's a hint, the bigger the number the better! Ratings, Share, HUTS, PUTS, CPP, CPM, et cetera. This is a language we speak. The goal is for you to concentrate on the "language you speak".

Commercial Production

The Commercials that we do are all done in-house at this agency. We don't sub out the work to anyone unless you are looking for something very specific. This keeps the cost of your radio or television commercial from being inflated. Our goal is to create commercials that people talk about. (Did you see that commercial that....) It's simple. If they are talking about your commercial, they are talking about you. CBM has a full music studio and shoots all television commercials in full 1080p High Definition. We will meet with you to discuss your goals and then we will bring concepts to you. We don't move forward until you like what you hear. You are investing a lot of money into your advertising. Your commercial should represent you in the finest light.

Jingles and Music Composition

Many of the commercials that we produce include music written by Chesley explicitly for your commercial. This ensures that the right mood is created for your spots and that the timing of the edits is perfectly matched. As stated with a full recording studio we are fully capable to create a jingle for you.

Graphic Design

Chesley has been designing for print, web and television for twenty years now. He was the editor of his college newspaper (back then we were using Photoshop 3 and Aldus Pagemaker). With this experience, He is more than capable to handle your logo creation, business cards or print materials. New Media We can build and host your next website. We built this one and others. Check our work tab for more examples. Once again, nothing is subbed out. We work on the design and don't proceed until you are happy with the look and feel of your site. We also can handle your Social Media for you. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more, it can get a little cumbersome to try to keep up with it all. Perhaps you are wanting to create a database for email marketing. We can help with that as well. For over 10 years, Chesley was in charge of two television station websites. From doing so, he learned a whole lot about New Media. We would love to help with yours.

Commercial Photography

We love photography. In many instances, a good visual representation of your business is vital to gaining the trust of your prospective customer. We're sure you've been on ebay and saw an item that you liked but the photo was too blurry or grainy to get a good feel for the condition of the product. Customers perceive your business in the same way. You should treat your product photos and other photographic needs with this in mind.

About Chesley Bryan

My career path was the perfect storm that led me to starting my own ad agency. I was a classically trained percussionist who majored in Music. Along the way, I decided that the life of a professional musician didn’t lend itself to stability. So I wondered what could I do that would allow me to still be “creative” but would be more financially viable. It was then that I had an epiphany. I should try my hand at Advertising!

I graduated from Texas A&M-Commerce in 1997 with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis on Advertising. While pursuing my degree I was taught by some great Ad Men from The Richards Group and DDB Needham. I landed my first job after college right here in Tyler Texas with KLTV as the Director of Marketing Research. That position ultimately proved invaluable to me as it taught me the ins and outs of the local television business as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a wide range of competive media.

Ultimately I became the Internet Sales Director at KLTV. That was a very new opportunity at the time. Most media companies hadn’t really tried to monetize their websites at that time. Much of what I learned some 20 years ago still is relevant today. Media Metrics don’t change much, however the delivery system certainly will.

I went on to take a position with Suddenlink Media selling cable advertising. My experience selling online advertising was niche based and cable sales weren’t all together too different. When CBS19 came to the market I applied and landed an Account Executive role with Phil Hurley’s new endeavor. I eventually became the National Sales Manager there. This allowed me to work with the agencies that handled accounts like Ford and Dodge. I learned much by seeing how they placed their advertising. Eventually my position was eliminated as it became centralized to the home office in Dallas. I then became the Local Sales Manager of the CW Affiliate. All good things must come to an end and I found myself ready to begin a new chapter in my life and career. This all lead to the creation of Chesley Bryan Marketing, LLC.

I’m fortunate to draw on a rich and diverse history. I have one goal and that is to create memorable advertising campaigns for my client. Please contact me if you think we might be a good fit for each other.

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